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As a skilled trades staffing agency, Skillwork connects outstanding skilled workers with companies across the U.S. that value them.

We’re Bringing Respect Back to the Trades

We recognize the importance of men and women who have earned the right to be called a tradesman—our country is built by their hands. Skillwork aims to be a solution to the skilled workers shortage by connecting qualified tradespeople with employers that value them.

Benefits of Hiring Skilled Tradesmen Using Skillwork

Flexible Staffing.

Find replacements for workers on leave or supplement short staffing for as long as you need it.

Try Out Team Members.

Reduce the risk of a bad hire by working with your potential team member before hiring them.

Minimize Downtime.

As the best way to find skilled labor, we use a proprietary vetting method to fill empty positions with experienced tradesmen as soon as they arise.

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Flexible Staffing

Fill in for workers on leave or supplement short staffing for as long as you need it.

Try Out Team Members

Avoid the hassle and cost of a bad hire by working with your potential new team member before hiring them full-time.

Prevent Burnout

Build a safer, more engaged workforce by decreasing overtime and reducing burnout.

Competitive Pay.

We can get tradesmen the most for their experience like competitive benefits and compensation.

Travel Opportunities.

We connect tradesmen with traveling skilled trades jobs across the U.S., giving them new experiences in desirable locations.

Get Hired Faster.

We tap into our network of employers, finding skilled workers jobs faster than if tradesmen did it alone.

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Benefits of Tradesmen Using Skillwork

Working for Skillwork has been an amazing opportunity for me and my family. They are a wonderful group of people that really know how to value their employees and make them feel genuinely appreciated. I have a good, steady job and opportunities to travel the country. Overall, this experience has been amazing. I can’t wait to see what the future brings!

Keith Hatcher

Jobs for Tradesmen

If you’re a skilled worker, talk with a Skillwork recruiter to learn more about getting hired for traveling skilled trades jobs across the country.

  • Boiler Technician
  • General Maintenance Technician
  • Facilities Maintenance Technician
  • Industrial Maintenance Technician
  • Field Service Technician
  • Refrigeration Technician
  • Calibration Technician
  • Facilities Technician
  • Hydraulic Technician
  • AutoCAD Technician
  • PLC Technician
  • Quality Assurance Specialist
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Maintenance Supervisor
  • Industrial Mechanic
  • Wastewater Operator
  • Construction Superintendent
  • CNC Machinist
  • Site Supervisor
  • Millwright
  • PEMB Erector
  • Tile Setter

What Tradesmen Have to Say About Skillwork

Skillwork is a company that I'm grateful to be employed with. They have given me a chance to grow my skills and travel the country. Most of all, they care about their employees. I have never worked somewhere and felt as appreciated and cared for as much as I have with Skillwork. Their hard work and dedication for the skilled workers are unmatched. To you, Skillwork, I say thank you for the opportunity.

Derius Conway

Everyone has a chance at Skillwork—show your skills and they will show you the work. The care team at Skillwork do a wonderful job by reaching out to the workers in the field to see how you’re doing and to offer assistance if needed. I will recommend Skillwork to anyone.

Gyekye Bimpong

Skillwork sets the bar as an employer very high, and then exceeds that standard. I sincerely enjoy working for Skillwork and am glad to be part of a company that credits God for their success.

Jason Barrett

Our Purpose

To impact lives by providing great skilled workers to outstanding companies.

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