Bridging the Gap in Skill Trades with Tim Raglin and Mission Matters

May 10, 2021

When people talk about the most dynamic and sought-after industries that are making great revenues in the market place, it’s easy to forget about the foundation for all other industries: the skilled trades.

Skillwork’s Founding Partner & COO Tim Raglin was recently interviewed on the Mission Matters Business Podcast by Adam Torres, where they discussed how Skillwork is addressing the skilled labor shortage and bringing honor and respect back to the trades.

Watch the video to learn about:
:hammer_and_wrench: How Skillwork’s 3 core values drive everything they do
:hammer_and_wrench: Skillwork’s unique process for finding and vetting best-fit individuals
:hammer_and_wrench: How Skillwork supports skilled tradesmen
:hammer_and_wrench: Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

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