How Technology is Changing Construction & Manufacturing

May 17, 2021

Technology is rapidly changing the face of construction and manufacturing. Things like artificial intelligence, autonomous vehicles, cloud technology, and augmented reality will be crucial to businesses going forward.

It’s a little overwhelming.

So, we sat down with an expert to break it all down. Austin Duncan from EGiS Technologies explains how business leaders in the construction and manufacturing industries can leverage these new technologies to move your company forward.

Main Takeaways

  • Data is everything.
  • Leveraging technology can make your business more efficient and successful, but you have to do it strategically.
  • It’s okay to not have the technological expertise—but partner with someone who does to keep your business ahead.
  • Don’t neglect training for your employees or IT security as you make changes.
  • Change is hard, but the future is bright.


0:22 | Meet Austin Duncan with EGiS Technologies

3:31 | Examples of technology growing in the construction/manufacturing space

5:47 | Overcoming resistance to change

9:25  | What is the “technology trap”? (and how to avoid it)

12:47 | Augmented and Virtual Reality

18:32 | The enormous possibilities of drone technology for the trades

20:08 | Security things to consider as you increase technology use

28:06 | How Caterpillar’s Marine Division is saving millions: the Fourth Industrial Revolution

32:47 | How EGiS can help your company


“It’s almost a requirement for somebody moving into those leadership roles in construction companies to have a firm grasp of technology.” 6:31-6:39

“To a certain extent, this technology is critical. It allows your business to be more efficient. It makes for a safer work environment.” 7:51-8:03

“What’s important is that you sit down with the people in your organization, your IT company, and you go through a plan.” 10:22-10:31

“Tech fatigue is real. You cannot overwhelm people.” 11:30-11:37

“If you overwhelm people with too much, you’re erasing any efficiency that you would have gained using that technology in the first place.” 11:54-12:02

“A lot of companies are using virtual reality to put their workers in safety training— hazardous situations so they know how to react—but it’s virtual so it’s safe.” 14:46-14:55

“[VR technology] will decrease your risk of having safety incidents on the job.” 15:10-15:17

“Right now, data is everything. And if you can get it in real time, you’re a step ahead.” 19:27-19:32

“The more you leverage cloud technology, the more you have to be cognizant and put some security things in place.” 22:50-22:57

“As you as a company embraces technology, you can’t leave your people behind. You have to provide them with training or bring people in with those skills.” 30:58-31:05


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