Candidate’s have questions, as they should. You are their partner and life line, their expert not in the field.

Why SkillWork?

  • It is Skillwork’s passion to bring respect and value back to the skilled trades
  • Our benefits and flexibility exceed anything in the market for what we do

What are the benefits?

  • Health Insurance, 401K, Scheduled time off

What’s with the Pay? When? How?

  • Exact pay varies by location due to costs of living in each area. (ask them what is more important $$ or location in making their decision)
  • SkillWork pays weekly and that includes per diems and reimbursements
  • We use direct deposit and it is the same system you use for clocking in and out via app on your smartphone

What happens when my contract ends?

  • We pay your way home or to your next assignment. You can take a few weeks, off up to 3 without losing benefit coverage! I will be discussing your next moves and options with you before the end of your contract

What is the process?

  • Short version is we get you qualified using your work history and industry specific test to make sure we get you in the right job not the “rut” job. From there we pin point your need and get you approved and on the road!

Can my family travel with me?

  • Absolutely but any additional costs for the travel and housing is on you.

What about time off?

  • How much time off will you need and when?

Are you going to pay my way home every weekend?

  • Unfortunately, we cannot, but I am guessing with the increase in pay and proper planning you can find some great deals on flights or how ever you plan to travel.

How long do I sit home before you find me another job?

  • That varies on your flexibility and need for example if you are open to all states and locations we can get you right back out!! Everything depends on your definition of freedom. If its financial freedom, then let’s get you the best paying job regardless of location. If freedom to you is location then let’s find that too, but it may take us a minute to secure that job in THAT location.

Can I work in my area or close to home?

  • Yes, but can I ask you a question first? If you want to be in your current area what is currently stopping you?

How do I get there?

  • We can discuss that as every situation varies. Some locations are rural so you’re going to need a car and flights are not realistic so let’s get you the job first and figure out the logistics when the where is determined, is that ok?

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