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Without tradesmen, our country would fall apart. But unfortunately, tradesmen are unsung heroes that don’t get the respect they deserve nor the opportunities they desire.


Until now.

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Make up to $18.00 more per hour.


Try a new location, even a new industry.


Learn new skills, build your resume.

How It Works

You fill out an application with Skillwork, and we follow up to assess your skills, qualifications, and placement preferences.  Once vetted for a skill, you are matched with any available opportunities that fit you. When you accept an assignment, you travel to the site where you’ll be serving, and we help take care of all of the details.

1. Application

  • Fill out our easy online application.
  • Let us know what you’re qualified for, looking for, and where you’d like to work.

2. Assessment

  • We use industry standard assessments to ensure we match our candidates to the right positions.
  • Once the online assessments are complete, you’re ready to go!

3. Opportunities

  • Get matched to opportunities all around the country or just in certain regions if you prefer.  
  • You’ll get to travel, try out different companies, and see what’s out there.

4. Travel

  • Assignments ranging from weeks to months allow you to control where you go and when.  
  • We help you figure out travel, lodging, and lining up your next gig with us when your assignment is done.

What some of our all-stars are saying

“Skillwork has been a great place to work! I have had the opportunity to work in different environments, and work with so many amazing people. It has let my family and I travel together, which is awesome! Skillwork is a company I see myself growing with for years to come.”


Matt S. – Maintenance Technician


“Skillwork has been like family, always there when I need them, and have gone beyond the call to assist me in times of need.”

Robert G. – Maintenance Technician


“Skillwork has given me the incredible opportunity to gain experience and learning opportunities. Everyone at Skillwork are outstanding people who try to help in any way possible. Thank you, Skillwork!”

Julien L. – Maintenance Mechanic


Here are some jobs we’re hiring for


Electrical Technician
Maintenance Mechanic
Ammonia Refrigeration Tech/Operator
PLC Technician
Electrical Mechanical


PEMB Erector
Tile Setter
Field Service Technician
Construction Superintendant
Site Supervisor


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