TSWF Ep.013: How To Minimize Negative Outcomes In The Hiring Process

July 6, 2020

For companies that already struggle finding quality skilled labor talent to get their jobs done, investing in a “bad hire” is a costly mistake few can afford. At Skillwork, we call this a negative outcome in the recruiting process. And for so many companies, these negative outcomes feel unavoidable.

To make matters worse, if a company gets a string of these negative outcomes over time, it can create a “losing mindset”—much like sports teams who get stuck in a losing streak they can’t seem to break. No company should feel ashamed or hopeless by this, though. We’ve all been there.

This week on The Skillwork Forum we discuss three types of negative outcomes and how you can tackle them head-on. The most important thing?


Be transparent about your company. Have self-awareness in what you can and can’t offer your skilled workers. We think you’ll be surprised at how well people react to your honesty.

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